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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students


How do i create a sussessfull first day of my class?(12 Steps to a Successful First Day)

Most students decide if a course is worth taking, and to what extent they’ll engage actively in their learning, based on their experience of the first day of class. What we do and don’t do on the first day will have a significant influence on their decision and will also affect what happens for the rest of the term. If we want our students to feel motivated to work hard and be successful – and what instructor doesn’t want this? – we need to walk into the classroom with a solid plan to make the most of the first day.

Planning for the first day is not difficult, but it does require proper attention and care. The following steps will walk you through some essential objectives for a successful first day. Specific examples are included along the way to illustrate key ideas and to spark your creativity. At the end are links to actual first day lesson plans for particular courses at UO that exemplify many of these strategies.

1. Plan ahead

It is too easy to overlook planning time for the first day while also working to finish preparation of the course syllabus, ordering textbooks or getting readings on reserve, setting up Blackboard, preparing lesson plans, etc. Therefore, schedule time to plan an outline for how you’ll accomplish your first day’s objectives, just as you do when planning for each class session throughout the term. You should also visit your classroom ahead of time to determine what equipment and other materials you need are available or not, and to become familiar with the layout, environment, and limitations of the room (e.g. What kind of lighting options does it have? Are chairs and desks movable? If there are windows, do they open?) Yo

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