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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
question to ask here is - How much do you want your students to learn, understand and be able to apply? You can talk nonstop and jam as much content into a class period as possible. But that’s about all that strategy will accomplish. The better you know and understand your students, the more effectively you will be able to facilitate their learning in your course.

Some general guidelines are to generate two or three main topics or big ideas for each class session. Split the session into 10 or 15 minute "chunks" for each topic and expand on each with definitions, explanations, illustrations, and examples, leaving time for questions after each. Remember to restate the big ideas before and after each "chunk." If you do this, you may cover less and uncover more.

4.How do I build a "state of the art" syllabus?

The more information that you can give the student the better. Do not be afraid of generating a long syllabus. However, if it does become more than a few pages, consider attaching a table of contents. Below is a list of information that students would love to see on their first day of class:

Basic Information:
Course title, course number, number of credits, current year and term, meeting time and location, your name, location of your office and office phone number, e-mail address, office hours and whether appointments are taken, names, offices and phone numbers of any teaching assistants or GTF’s.

Required classes or knowledge for this course.

Course’s Purpose:
What this course is about and why it is interesting to you.

Learning Goals:
What competencies/skills/knowledge the students are expected to demonstrate at the end of the course.

Textbooks & Readings:
Titles, authors, editions and local booksellers who carry the titles.

Additional Req

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