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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
uired Materials and Equipment:
Do the students need to buy a calculator, computer, computer software, art supplies, drafting materials, etc.? If yes, be specific about what brands or models.

Assignments, Term Paper, and Exams:
Be specific. Give nature and format of assignments. What format are the tests: short answer, essay, multiple-choice? What are the topics, expected lengths, and due dates of the term papers? Try to anticipate their questions, and the confusions that may arise later.

Describe how you will calculate grades. Include here your policy regarding the marks "I", "Y", and "W".

Course polices:
How do you deal with tardies, absences, late homework, requests for extensions, make-up tests or assignments, cheating and plagiarism? Be very explicit and firm. Is the date for the final exam set in stone?

Course schedule:
Provide a schedule of events which gives topic of discussion or lecture for each day and what assignments or readings should be completed for each day. Topics and activities may be tentative, but exam dates and required reading should be reasonably fixed. Students are attempting to manage their workloads for the term at the beginning and major last-minute changes in the syllabus can be very upsetting.


1. How do I encourage students to be active/interested?

--From the first day, demonstrate and talk about your own enthusiasm for the course material, and how it effects you personally. Look for ways to connect the material to the lives of your students. For example: if you are teaching an environmental studies class, bring in examples of environmental issues going on in the area where your students live (Eugene, Oregon is perfect for this...). Use current event articles, editorials from local newspapers, or examples

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