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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
from your own life that illustrate your points. Solicit these examples from your students.

--Think of questions you can ask about the material that make students think about the subject matter, even if they have not read the material. While students may not have read the biography of Frederick Douglas, they can talk about what life must have been like for an African American living at that time in history. Then, during class, attach statements that come out of their mouths to the reading, so they want to go back and read about their own ideas.

2.How do I deal with apathetic students?

--Try to build a relationship with these students. Take an interest in them to find out what is at the bottom of the perceived apathy. Learning students’ names and using names in class can help students understand that you are interested in them and in their success in your course. Consider emailing a student who seems uninterested or unresponsive and let him/her know that you would like to help in any way that you can. Oftentimes their apparent apathy has nothing to do with the course. There may be personal matters that are dominating their attention. Some students are going through a period of depression which disconnects them from their studies. Showing a little concern can be very helpful.

--Measure the students’ progress early and regularly, so they have a clear idea about where they stand academically. This may involve quizzes, short response papers, or some kind of weekly assignment which gives you some indication of their level of understanding. Your "apathetic" students may also be the students who are struggling with the class. They could also be students for whom the class is inappropriate. In either case, it would be good to find this out early, so you can arrange an app

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