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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
ointment with the student to talk about how things are going and to possibly recommend dropping the class. Take some initiative here. Just saying— "Drop by my office if you need to see me"—as a general comment to the whole group may not be enough to get them in there (especially freshmen).

--Promote good will. Let students know when they have done well. This can be an occasional group email that says something like—“In looking over your homework last night I was pleased to see that so many of you are now understanding the connection between _____________ and ____________. If you are still confused about this, look over the examples I have included in this message.” It can also be an individual email that says—“ I really appreciated your comments in class today. They led to a very productive discussion.”

3.How will I know if my students are learning?

--There are certainly many ways to assess learning. The most obvious of them are tests One nonthreatening way to test knowledge, is to give a 10 or 15 minute quiz each week over the material recently covered. This will provide you with some idea of whether or not your students are "getting it" and will give your students opportunities to receive feedback from you. A couple of midterms and a final will also tell you if your students are learning, however they won’t give you as many opportunities to assess their progress and perhaps make changes to the lesson plans or your teaching style. Class discussions can also provide opportunities for students to demonstrate learning and understanding. However, it can be difficult to get all students to participate in discussions and therefore difficult to gauge everyone’s understanding. Finally, class assignments and projects can be a very valuable way for your students t

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