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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
o demonstrate gained skills and knowledge. Vary the formats of assignments so that different styles of learning and performing can be accommodated.

4.How do I motivate students who are not interested in the subject?

--Learn more about the student. Find ways to connect the material to his/her life.


--Cover course material with effective Discussion Facilitation Techniques.

5.How do I inspire students who are only taking my course because the "have to?"

--Make them want to!! Most students are more than willing to enjoy a class rather than just endure it. Tell them why you love the subject. Share your enthusiasm with them. If you know others in the field with a lot of enthusiasm, bring them in as guest speakers. Incorporate interesting or funny anecdotes relevant to the topic into your lectures. Make them want to learn what you know and then do all you can to help. Don’t assume they aren’t interested or can’t be inspired by you. Chances are you have enough enthusiasm to go around.

6.Should class be fun?

--If you can make learning fun, then by all means do it! If your class is uninteresting to students, they are unlikely to work to their potential, and even less likely to pursue further studies in the area. Make the material exciting and share your enthusiasm with students.

7.How can teachers promote excellence and rigor in an encouraging environment?

--Make your expectations clear to your students early. Then help them meet those expectations. That may mean working with them on an individual basis. When grading, make comments. If something is done poorly, explain how it could have been done better. When something is done well, convey that with a comment like "Nice work!", "That’s right!", or "Good argument!" Always grade fairly and consistently. If a stud

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