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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
ent does poorly on a test, make a written comment on it like "See me. I can help." Let your students know how they are doing in your class on a regular basis. Let your teaching model the rigor, enthusiasm, and dedication that you want to see in their work.

8.To what extent should I care if the class likes or dislikes my teaching style?

--You should care to the extent to which you care about their success in your class. If you refuse to teach in way which is conducive to the diverse learning styles which exist in a classroom, then you will have to fail a great number of your students. On the other hand, if you are willing to consider all your students’ needs and adapt your teaching style accordingly, then you will probably have many more successes as a teacher.

9.How do I deal with groups who are not functioning well together?

--There are several factors which impact how well students work together. How groups are selected (randomly or strategically) can make a difference. The amount of in-class time people have to work together (more is better) will greatly influence group behavior. The design of the activity is important. Poorly-designed activities feel like busy work and students resent that. If instructions are unclear, students will waste valuable group time in a state of confusion. For good information on group learning read Larry Michaelsen’s article "Team Learning: A Comprehensive Approach for Harnessing the Power of Small Groups in Higher Education," To Improve the Academy, Vol. 11, 1992.

--Meet with the group in your office. Find out how they have distributed their work load and how they arrived at that distribution. If you think it could have been done more equitably, discuss that. If you feel the distribution was fair, then discuss each person’s wo

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