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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
u can prevent a lot of stress if you know what to expect and have planned accordingly.

Also plan to wear appropriate attire and determine where in the room you’ll be at the start of class (e.g. Will you stand front and center, behind a podium or desk, or perhaps be sitting if the class is a seminar or discussion-based?). Such considerations might seem trivial, but students are very perceptive, and your appearance and demeanor will influence what they think about you and your course.

2. Arrive early

Plan to be at your classroom as early as possible so you can get equipment or materials set-up in a timely and organized way, greet students as they arrive, and start class on time. Write your name on the board, along with your course number and title. Arriving early also allows you to chat informally with students before class, which helps build rapport and makes you and your students feel more comfortable.

3. Start with flair

Grab students’ attention and interest right from the start with a strong opening that you have rehearsed ahead of time. Strong opening statements welcome students to the class, state the course title, pique students’ interest, and invite students to contribute. Good bets for capturing students’ interest include posing fundamental problems or questions around which your course is organized, making provocative claims about topics central to your course or the value of your course, or presenting a timely and pertinent case study, story, or example that exemplifies a main theme of the course. A few examples of opening statements include the following:

Philosophy: “Welcome to Philosophy 110: Human Nature. The purpose for this course is to consider the fundamental question, ‘What does it mean to be human?’ Who would like to share an answer to g

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