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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
et us started?”
Environmental Studies: “Welcome to ENVS 201: Introduction to Environmental Studies: Social Sciences. For the next eleven weeks we have an opportunity to work together to learn how to think critically like social scientists, diagnosing the social causes of environmental problems and appraising potential solutions. Let’s begin with a seemingly straightforward question: ‘What is an environmental problem?’ Can anyone share an example and explain why it is a problem?”
Physics: “Welcome, everyone, to Physics 101. All of you just came in and took a seat. Each of you was in motion, and now you’re at rest. How can this be? What allows you – or any object, for that matter – to be in motion, and why do objects eventually come to a rest? This is one of the most essential questions of physics, one that we will be exploring together this term. So, what do you think? What allows an object to be motion, and why do objects eventually come to a rest? Take a moment to think about it, and then turn to your neighbor and see if you can agree on an answer together.”
English: Begin by reading a short poem or excerpt from a story, then engage students in a short discussion about one of its essential points and its relevance, before moving on with your introduction to the course.

4. Break the ice and establish a positive learning community

Once you’ve piqued students’ interest and gotten a few to contribute some initial thoughts, provide all students with an opportunity to engage actively and thereby establish the foundation for a positive learning community. An icebreaker is an excellent strategy that accomplishes this goal in three ways: it allows students to meet each other, it allows them to be active learners exploring relevant course content together, and it sets t

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