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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
take pictures of their students and then memorize names and faces, while other instructors use a seating chart for the first few classes. A number of strategies for learning and remembering student names can be found here on the TEP website.

In addition to names, get to know your students by having them complete a student information sheet. You can ask for basics like their major and reasons for taking your course, but also use this opportunity to ask what they expect to learn, how they learn best, if they are comfortable with discussion, their interests and so forth. You can also ask questions that give you a sense of their prior knowledge of your class subject, get writing samples, etc., which can help you plan more effectively when introducing, emphasizing or reinforcing particular topics. You can have them complete this after debriefing the icebreaker activity, or you can have students complete it together as part of an icebreaker activity, with students discussing their responses with each other, if appropriate. Additional information about student information sheets is located here on the TEP website.

6. Sell your course and share your enthusiasm

Getting students interested and active are important first steps that will influence their perceptions about you and your course, but you still have to offer them substantive reasons for why your course is worthwhile and why you in particular can be trusted to facilitate their success. Therefore, highlight your background and interest in the course topic or discipline, why it is important to you, and why you are teaching the course. If you are not interested or enthusiastic about the course, your students likely won’t be either. In addition, give students a pertinent real world example or current event to illustrate th

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