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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
e relevance, significance, and role of the course subject or your discipline in influencing or shaping the world (this could be a story about your background). The more specific, provocative, and timely you can be with examples, the easier it will be for students to identify with the course and appreciate its value and usefulness. For students who are majors, you can also note specifically how the course prepares them for higher-level courses in the major, graduate school, or a career in the field.

7. Outline your course’s rewards and the opportunities to earn them

In addition to your enthusiasm and the course’s relevance, students also want to know specifically what they’ll gain as a result of completing your course. In other words, what knowledge and skills will they acquire or master, and how? Thus, outline your course learning objectives and describe how the course topics (content) and your teaching methods (classroom activities, assignments, etc.) will allow students to achieve these objectives if they invest their time and energy. Your course learning objectives will be stronger and more attractive if their attainment means students will be prepared to engage in the kinds of thinking, research, or practices that they’ll need to achieve future success (i.e. in upper-division courses, graduate school, the professional world, etc.). In this way, your course learning objectives are the rewards students can expect to receive by working hard in your course, and your teaching methods are the opportunities via which they earn these rewards. Finally, concerning your methods for use of time in the classroom – interactive lecture, discussion, group work, etc. – try to model these on the first day to set a tone for what students can expect. More information about stude

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