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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
nt learning outcomes is located here on the TEP website.

8. Establish clear expectations and standards

Be explicit about what you expect from students in terms of classroom behavior, time and work outside of class, communication, and so on. In turn, also discuss what students can expect from you – how class time will be used, your office hours, best ways to reach you and when to expect replies, etc. Students also like to know your standards for evaluating them on assignments, exams, participation, etc. While you might not have every assignment or exam for the term prepared already on the first day, it is still important to give students a general sense of what you expect and your standards for evaluation. Of course, you should include your expectations and standards on your syllabus, but take a few minutes to go over them in class and also allow time for students to ask questions.

9. Explain course requirements, policies, and logistics

Students want to know on the first day what they’ll have to do to pass or excel in your course, and many will turn to the course requirements and grading scale on the syllabus before looking at anything else. Indeed, you might consider waiting to distribute the course syllabus until you reach this step. In terms of policies and logistics, you should note whether you allow use of electronic devices or laptops, require attendance, your late assignment policy, etc. Also, make explicit mention of issues such as academic honesty, disability access, and diversity, in addition to including them on your syllabus. Such elements are often taken for granted, but many students are unaware of them; a few minutes’ overview on the first day can save hours of headache later in the term. For more information about course syllabi see our TEP Syllabus D

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