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How to Prepre to Teach and Motivate Students
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10. Give students something to do before the next class

Before you dismiss students, give them an assignment that is due at the next class. This might include writing two or three discussion questions or noting any confusion about the reading assigned for the next class, or perhaps writing a response to a question you pose at the end of class. Because students are adding and dropping classes the first week, it is best that this assignment be ungraded or perhaps only count as a very small part of class participation. Having students do something in preparation for the next class signals that the course is worthwhile, organized, and well paced.

11. Get feedback

At the end of class, allow two or three minutes for students to write down any comments about what went well the first day and any questions they have about the course. To get more honest feedback, it helps to let students turn in their comments or questions without their names. You can use their comments and questions to help you identify aspects that might need improvement (e.g. future interactive activities) or more clarity (e.g. course expectations).

12. Debrief your experience

Take time after your first class to reflect on how it went. What worked, and what didn’t? What essential points did you forget to mention or emphasize, and will thus need to be noted at the beginning of the next class? Having student feedback, noted above, can also help significantly. The purpose of debrief is to ensure you addressed all the key elements of your first day plan, to get a clearer sense of your classroom dynamics and students’ personalities, and also to make notes for planning future first day classes.

2.How do I make a lesson plan?

Ask your

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