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The hidden benefits of teaching English in China
1. The training is painless.

A TESL certificate can be attained through a 100 hour course, and most schools offer evening/weekend sessions or online courses. The fees start at about $500 USD, and many schools have services to help with the job hunt.

If you have some extra cash and want to start your travels immediately, larger ESL schools offer four week TESL training in China

2. You can be a student in your own classroom.

Regardless of age, the students you teach will be excited to see a foreigner take an interest in our culture. Most will gladly offer tips about local foods to eat, places to see, and things to try.

Young students can teach you a lot about pop culture or local slang, and simple conversations will give you insight into their family lives and customs.

3. A year is a long time…

…to experience a whole calendar’s worth of festivals, holidays, cultural events, and seasonal foods. You’ll get much more insight than a single trip. Also, worldwide holidays like Chinese New Year is a bit different in every country. You’ll get to experience a unique version of a familiar holiday in China.

4. It’s a crash course in cultural sensitivity.

Most expats reach the

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