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Our co-operated schools on the list,
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广州42中(Guangzhou middle school No.42) Guangdong Province
绵阳外国语学校(Mianyang language school) Sichuan Province
宜昌中学(Yichang middle school) Hubei Province
重庆中学(Chongqing middle school) Chongqing Municipality
安仁宜溪中学(Anren middle school) Hunan Province
滑县中学(Huaxian Senior high school) Henan Province
涡阳中学(Guoyang middle school) Anhui Province
宜宾小学(Yibin primary school) Sichuan Province
兴化中学(Xinghua Junior high school) Jiangsu Province
邢台双语学校(Xingtai bilingual school) Hubei Province
临沂五小(Linyi Elementary school No.5) Shandong Province
临沂双月湖学校(Linyi Shuangyuehu elementary school) Shandong Province
建华中学(Jianhua middle school) Beijing Municipality
鹤山中学(HeShan middle school) Guangdong Province
中山双语学校(Zhongshan Bilingual school) Guangdong Province
清远中学(Qingyuan middle school) Guangdong Province
如皋中学(Rugao Language School) Jiangsu Province
汝阳中学(Ruyang Senior High School) Henan Province
霞浦中学(XiaPu Senior High School) Fujian Province
山西灵石学校(Shanxi Lingshi school) Shanxi Province
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