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Name: Michele Anne Winchester 
Nationality: New Zealand 
Education: Associates 
Certificates: yes 
Llanguage: English  
Place of Birth New Zealand 
Birth Date 05-04-1956 
Passport Number LN036923 
Graduated From Hamilton Girls' School  
Current Position teacher in middle school  Major English or other 
Courses/Specialties Applied to Teach oral English teacher  Visa Type
Valid period of Visa   Duration Applied to Teach

Work experience in China:


Oral English teacher at xiapu No.7 middle school, ning de city, fu jian province

Experience abroad
Owner/Manager for five years at Renner Park Golf Course, running the Clubhouse, Restaurant and Bar.
Dealing with large groups of golfers,collecting money for green fees, helping them with clubhire.
Preparing, cooking and serving food.  Catering for special events to groups of 70 or more.
Time management and organisational skills a key asset to the smooth running of this establishment.
Serving drinks and being responsible as a Bar Manager regarding alcohol and the Sale of Liquor Act.
Training New Staff 
I have often been given the responsibility to train new staff in many of my jobs.  Being self-employed for
over 15 years I have had experience with employing up to 14 staff members requiring patience, understanding
good communication skills and a keen sense of humour - all excellent qualities needed as a TESOL teacher
in the classroom.
Teaching Young Children
As a full-time mother of two daughters, now in their early twenties, I have gained all the experience needed
in caring for children.   I was heavily involved in the establishment of Playcentre when my daughters were
babies until they both started primary school.  During this time I taught extended sessions for children aged
3-5 years in all areas of creative learning.
I also attended many workshops including a 3 day Advanced Leadership course.
I ran a number of workshops at other Playcentres in the area.
I have worked as a Teacher Aid at the local Primary School where my children attended and been involved
in Parent help at outdoor camp.
I have also taught Remedial Reading to students aged 10-13 years at Intermediate School.
My years as a mother have taught me excellent skills in role-modelling, counselling, communication, sensitivity,
time management and common sense.  Both my daughters are strong, self confident professional young women
of which I am extremely proud.
I have worked for the past nine years as a Volunteer at Trade Aid.  This is a Non Profit Organsiation working
directly with groups from developing countries who produce quality handcrafted goods to sell in our shops
in New Zealand.  Over the past 5 years this role has become a permanent part-time paid position, which
includes dealing with the public, retail sales, supporting and training new volunteers, giving education talks
to schools and community groups.
I was very fortunate to be invited on a education trip to India, Nepal and Thailand, visiting our Producer groups
experiencing their home life in remote villages and watching them work at the grass routes level. This would
have to be one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.
Living Abroad
After graduating from High School I travelled extensively through South East Asia, India, Nepal and Turkey
to England where I lived and worked for 3 years.  This was an incredible experience, which I have encouraged
my daughters to do.  I have continued to travel, returning to Thailand, India and Nepal several times.
I love the rich culture of these countries and feel this would be a huge advantage in being a Teacher overseas
and a fantastic opportunity for me as I love to travel.

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