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Name: JAKE 
Nationality: USA 
Education: High School 
Certificates: yes 
Llanguage: English 
Place of Birth 佛罗里达 
Birth Date 1989-5-12 
Passport Number  
Graduated From 佛罗里达大学 
Current Position other  Major Philosophy 
Courses/Specialties Applied to Teach Oral English   Visa Type
Valid period of Visa 2014-6-30  Duration Applied to Teach 2012-9-1
July 11- 2013 Twyst Magazine, Los Angeles, CA
       CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Marketing/Public relations/Social media
  • Assist in new advertisement sales and accounts
Responsible for all private and B2B new media/advertising
  • Responsible for public relations of linked promo team “Twysted Girls”
  • Responsible for all social media outlets
September 09- November 10   Kragen O’Reilly Auto Parts Sacramento, CA
Assist Mgr/Merchandise Pro
  • Outside sales
  • Assist/lead team members in sales/up-selling
  • Customer service
  • Responsible for inventory audits
  • Stocking shelves/changing displays
  Assisting customers with various trouble shooting
  • B2B wholesale accounts
(Accolades include: Top sales and outstanding customer service)
May 07- December 2009 102.5 KSFM Radio Sacramento, CA
Assistant/Marketing Consultant/New Media/AD Sales
  • Direct assistant to head of marketing/promotions/social media
  • Develop and execute new promotional strategies
  • Administrative duties    
• Assist in daily promotional agendas in the promotions department
• Responsible for filing/collection of  listener statistics/information
• Assist/Initiate on generating and closing sales for both private and B2B accounts
• Responsible for finding new leads and initiating advertisement sales
  • Liaison for talent/artists/featured guests
(Accolades include: Promotion from intern to full time position, top producer in successful marketing strategies as well as the sole producer of outside sales from department)
May 07- May 07 102.5 KSFM Radio Sacramento, CA
Promotions/Marketing Intern
  • Assist in daily promotional agendas in the promotions department

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